Thanks for visiting this page. You’re likely here because someone has given you a New Testament. We’d like to give you an overview of the message of the Bible.

The God of heaven created all things, including mankind, for His glory and pleasure. Mankind was specially created to be like Him, to be in relationship with Him, and to reflect His nature and glory in all of its wonderful variety. God also gave man a law to obey, and the power to choose whether to obey or not. The consequence for disobedience was separation from God and eventual death. Unfortunately, the first man and his wife (Adam & Eve) chose to disobey, and brought death and sin and misery upon themselves and their entire lineage. Everyone is descended from them, and everyone has inherited a nature polluted by sin, corrupted by deceitfulness and selfishness, and is destined to die and suffer eternal punishment.

God loved mankind still, though, and not willing that we should perish, devised a remedy as follows:
He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to be born as a sinless human being; to live a life of perfect obedience to God’s commandments; to give his life as a ransom; to endure the death penalty for all of mankind’s sin; and then to be raised from the dead as confirmation that his mission was successful. As a result, God rewarded Jesus with a universal kingdom and authority over all mankind; and decreed that everyone everywhere should honor, worship and obey Jesus Christ as Savior, God, and Lord. Jesus has begun a new, spiritual lineage similar to Adam’s; the difference is that everyone born in His family will live forever.

God is extending the following, limited time offer to you:

  • Full pardon for all your sins
  • Reconciliation with Him
  • A new life in Jesus’s spiritual family that goes on forever
  • Assurance that neither death nor anything else will separate you from His love
  • And many other promises, more than can be listed here, which are contained in the Bible.

The terms are as follows:

  • ACKNOWLEDGE that you are who God says you are – a person whose nature has been polluted by sin, in desperate need of a Savior, with no hope of making yourself right with God by your own efforts.
  • BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is who He says He is – the sinless Son of God, who died to pay your penalty and rescue you from your sins, who rose from the dead and is alive today, who holds your fate in his hands, and who is willing to credit your account with His righteousness.
  • CONFESS, verbally, to God, that you are that sinner and Jesus is that Savior; ask Him to honor His offer of salvation and new life for you personally, and acknowledge and accept Jesus’ right to be Lord of your life.

Jesus promises that whoever comes to Him on this basis, no matter what they may have done, He will not refuse or turn away. He also promises that there will come a time when this offer expires and the door will be shut. You and I don’t know when that time is – so let today be the day you take Him up on His offer. Don’t blow it by procrastinating and miss your opportunity!

The Bible is clear on this: There is mercy and forgiveness and life for anyone who comes to Jesus on His terms. There is wrath and eternal punishment for those who reject Him.

Please take time and read the Bible, so you can see for yourself what it says.

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